Heading Into The Jungle

Heading Into The Jungle

"We need an image for the header on the webstore...something cool!" Came the cry from head office.

So I gathered my megre supplies (not so subtle hint that I need some better kit) together and got cracking. I knew I wanted to play some more with the plastic palm trees so grabbed a handfull of those. Cut myself a square of mdf. Gave it a coat of varnish to stop it warping when adding the glue.

I started with a nice thick, lumpy layer of glue. The new formula Basing Glue pretty much dries where it's put. So if you apply it with a one inch brush like I do you can stipple it up and get a great base texture without using compound. I then tossed on a bucket of baked and sieved soil and let it dry. After leaving it overnight I shook off the loose soil and gave the entire base board a coat of the Matt Scenic Spray.

While that was drying I grabbed some sea foam from our left overs box and tore the best bits off to make some shrubs. I like to prepare the stuff I use with a 50/50 mix of liquid latex and water. I use an old Matt Spray bottle and give them a heavy coat until the latex/water mix is dripping off the sea foam. A quick shake and they are ready to put aside to dry. Once dry they have a nice rubbery finish and a lot less fragile. Be warned, if you decide to have a go at this then do it outside. It's smelly. Also be careful not to squash the stuff. It will turn into a rubbery mass. Although it can be great for things like tumbleweed.

After its all dry it can be sprayed with Matt Scenic and foam flock added. I made a few different colours with some old green foams we had laying about. So best not to ask what colours I used as I have no idea. Leave it to dry through and then give it another coat to seal it in. Or another layer of foam if needed. I then finish the whole thing off with a coat of Army Painter Matt Varnish.

The rest of the display was made using bits that we had laying about. I just added more and more until it started to look lush. The wall is a Temple Entrance from Spellcrow that was actually an afterthought as I had forgotten we had them. You can find it for sale elsewhere on this site.

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