About Us

Geek Gaming

Geek gaming is a small family owned business dedicated to the spread of the hobby experience, We have been Open since 2015
and from the outset have had a strong focus on the local gaming community
Board and Table top Games have been steadily growing in
popularity for years in spite of a growing computer 
and console game market,
There is something you just cant emulate about sitting at a table opposite an opponent and pitting your wits
against them in a competitive environment or perhaps re-telling a historical event with a twist,
whatever the motivation geek gaming
aims to be the one stop shop for your Hobby.
We all know that gaming can be a very expensive hobby and you sometimes have to wait weeks
for items to be delivered,
So we started this company with a means to help people find new games and collectables and to deliver them fast
and affordable and to help encourage as many new people of all ages to join us and to help broaden the appeal of our hobbies.

Luke's APS

If your in the war gaming community or have browsed YouTube you may have come across Luke before.
Luke is the face and brains behind Luke's Affordable Painting Service (APS) YouTube channel which started in 2016.
The channel was set up by popular demand and started out as a commission painting service,
The channel exploded in popularity with over 70,000 Subscribers and 5 million views because of Luke's honest product reviews and amazing tutorials.
Luke teamed up with Geek Gaming in 2017, After a chance meeting over some modelling paint.
It became clear that it was the perfect opportunity to combine Luke's knowledge of terrain building and Geek Gaming's ability to source and distribute products.
From creating tutorials to the testing and creation of new products Luke is always keeping himself busy.
To date this partnership has created a complete range of foam and saw dust flocks, Hedge and tree foliage, tufts, speciality water effects and Custom handmade trees.  
Luke now focuses his time on his YouTube Channel, Geek Gaming and keeping in touch with his followers
in the Luke's APS Hangout & Hobby Discussion group on Facebook: Luke's APS Hangout & Hobby Discussion group

Our History