Product How-To Guide: Landscaping Part 2 (Texturing)

Product How-To Guide: Landscaping Part 2 (Texturing)

In this quick tutorial we will show you how to apply our Base Ready range to a premade demonstration board.

What You'll Need:

  • A Gaming Board / Diorama
  • Geek Gaming Scenics Base Ready of your choice:
  • Geek Gaming Scenics Fast Drying Basing Glue:
  • Geek Gaming Scenics Matt Scenic Sealant Spray:

    Getting Started:

    We recommend that you paint your base board first before applying glue and base ready. This will save you from having to apply deep coats of the Base Ready. Here we painted it a mid tan colour which makes a great base for Desert Sand And Stone.

    Step 1:

    Once the paint is dry, apply a thick coat of Fast Drying Basing Glue with a paint brush. Spread it around and make sure to get the glue into all the nooks and crannies.

    For a cheaper option you could use PVA, but if so then make sure to leave it to dry all the way through. Sometimes PVA skins over and the glue underneath stays tacky for a long time.

    Our Basing Glue has been formulated to dry all the way through, so we use it on our builds just to be on the safe side. Nothing worse than part of your board or dio coming loose once you get it finished.

    The Basing Glue takes around 15 min to become tacky so try and cover it as soon as possible. Here we were only working on a 60x60cm demonstration board so had plenty of time to spread the glue around. If you are working on a larger area then you may want to apply the Base Ready in sections.

    Step 2:

    Now simply sprinkle the base ready over the area you are working on. Here we are applying a deep layer to cover the entire board.

    Now leave the board to dry. The glue will be dry in a couple of hours but if you are working on a large area we recommend overnight.

    Optional: You can then remove the excess Base Ready. Make sure to use something you can catch it in or on. Here I used a large sheet of cardboard and then brushed it back into the container I keep my supply of Sand and Stone in.

    Tip: If you use this method the thick glue should hold your base ready pretty much solid meaning you would need less Scenic Spray.

    Step 3:

    Here I applied a little more Desert Sand and Stone to cover up some sparse sections and then gave them a good soaking with Sealant Spray. Hold the glue about 10 inches from the board and spray evenly. Letting the glue mist the Base Ready until it is soaked through.

    Tip: Try not to hold the glue too close to the Base Ready as some of them will just blow away. Desert Sand and Stone is heavy so you can if need be get closer. But something like Scrublands that includes foam or Mediterranean Soil with static will end up all over the shop. It’s a good practice to mist those mixes from a distance and repeat a couple of times to make sure they are held firm.

    Again leave it to dry. Overnight is a good habit to get into when it comes to making sure glues, paints etc on board builds or larger dioramas.

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