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Lichen - Reindeer Moss (Icelandic Moss) Rose

Lichen - Reindeer Moss (Icelandic Moss) Rose

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Lichen - Reindeer Moss (Icelandic Moss) Rose is a delicate and beautiful natural material that can be used to add realistic detail and realism to your scale modeling scenes. It is made from a real lichen that is harvested from the wild and then dyed to a soft rose colour.

Lichen - Reindeer Moss (Icelandic Moss) Rose can be used to create a variety of effects, such as:

  • Springtime meadows
  • Flowering gardens
  • Fairy tale forests
  • Romantic scenes
  • Other rose-themed features

Lichen - Reindeer Moss (Icelandic Moss) Rose is easy to use and can be glued to a variety of surfaces, such as foam, cardboard, and wood. It can also be painted to create different effects, such as different shades of rose or even weathered and overgrown vegetation.

Example uses:

  • Create a springtime meadow for your railway model.
  • Add mossy rocks to your fairy tale forest model diorama.
  • Make a romantic scene for your wedding cake topper.
  • Create a base for your miniature figurine that looks like they are standing in a field of wildflowers.

No matter what your project is, Lichen - Reindeer Moss (Icelandic Moss) Rose is a great way to add realistic detail and realism to your scale modeling scenes of rose-themed features.

20g packs are perfect so you can buy the colours you want, then inter-mix to create the scene you need.

International orders: This product is totally or partly a natural plant material and may not be permitted to enter your country without an appropriate certificate. We cannot provide a certificate and so, if it is likely to be banned being imported into your country, please do not add it to your order. If you order this item we will send it and we are not liable to provide compensation if the goods are removed, destroyed or if delivery is delayed or damaged by your customs officials.



  • Lichen - is a natural and sustainable product.
  • It is also non-toxic and safe to use in scale modelling projects.
  • Lichen - is durable and long-lasting, so you can enjoy your scale modelling scenes for years to come.

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  • For a more realistic look, you can mix different colours of lichen together.
  • You can also use other materials, such as rocks, sand, and grass, to create a more detailed and realistic effect.
  • Be sure to let the glue dry completely before handling the model.

Instructions for use

  1. Apply the lichen to the model: Use glue to attach the lichen to the model. Be sure to apply a thin layer of glue, as too much glue can make the lichen look artificial.
  2. Shape the lichen: Use your fingers to shape the lichen into the desired form. You can also use a brush to create a more textured effect.
  3. Paint the lichen (optional): If desired, you can paint the lichen to match the colour of your model.
  4. Seal the lichen (optional): To protect the lichen from damage, you can seal it with a clear acrylic varnish.

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Care Instructions

  • Store in a cool, dry place.
  • Geek Gaming Scenics products are intended for hobby use and are not suitable for children under 3
  • Wear appropriate safety gear when using products, such as gloves and eye protection.
  • Do not use products near open flames or heat sources
  • Keep products out of the reach of children and pets


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