Wholesale Guide

How to Order Wholesale:

  1. Create and activate your account: Follow the instructions on the website to create a new account. Once activated, you'll be able to log in.
  2. Find the wholesale section: After logging in, look for a hidden "wholesale" menu option at the top of the website (it might only be visible after logging in with your wholesale account).
  3. Browse and add products: Clicking the "wholesale" section will take you to a one-page order form. Here, you can choose the products you want to purchase.
  4. Review your order: Once you've selected your products, click the shopping cart icon to see your order summary. Make sure the wholesale discount is applied to the subtotal.
  5. Checkout: If your order meets the minimum amount, a checkout button will appear. Depending on your account type, you'll see one or two options:
    • Large checkout button: This is for processing and paying for your order immediately (pro-forma).
    • Net Order Checkout (optional): If you have a credit account, you'll also see this option for placing an order on credit.
  6. Follow checkout instructions: Choose your preferred checkout method and follow the on-screen instructions to complete your order.
  7. Select shipping: Before finalising your order, choose the desired shipping option from the "shipping" section.


  • Double-check your discount application in the cart summary.
  • The checkout options will depend on your specific account type.

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